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I graduated from Oxford University and after a stint in Stuttgart working in telecoms software I moved back to Oxford and joined a small AI games company, Oxford Softworks (later Purple Software). I became the lead programmer and developed titles such as Chess System Tal II and Microsoft Classic Board Games.

I was poached by London based dotcom startup, Connected Place, to work as the Development Manager, later founding Centre Technologies with its MD Dominic Williams in 2001, where I am Technical Director (we have worked together for 8 and a half years!).

Our various business includes System 7, a successful software product and development services operation which produces a platform for building commercial websites aimed at the publishing industry.

Previously we also produced Airdocs, a system for transferring large amounts of file data over very slow connections using a groundbreaking AI-driven differential compression technique, and a compressing HTTP proxy cache server for accelerating internet access over mobile connections.

As well as developing products we also increasingly provide specialist consultancy services related to online community technology and have recently designed and built Bizzbug. We will continue to respond to your feedback and strive to make Bizzbug better and better. I hope you like it :)

An exciting project we have coming soon is Wyki, a Social Publishing enterprise. This has been 2 years in the making!

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I'm currently looking to sell my red ProSport mountain bike if anyone is interested?! £120 o.n.o

Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to receive the new dock controls. We will move them with script to the desired initial dock zone.